What We Do

We are a Kanata based company that provides Microsoft Excel Macro VBA Programming, Coding & Debugging Consulting Services in Ottawa, Gatineau and surrounding areas.

We provide the most cost effective solution compared to the hours wasted when you reach the limit of your MS Excel knowledge. We have worked with clients in many banking, insurance, and retail sectors, emphasizing data handling, procedure automation, information analysis and information management.

We'll provide user friendly and precise Excel spreadsheet solutions, to meet and/or exceed your business requirements.

Efficiency Through Automation

“It is a pleasure automating routine tasks for people. Give me a task you do in Excel and I will give you back a macro or routine that best automates it.

Picture this...before you leave the office, press the macro button which will wake up at a given time, check if data bases have been updated and dates match (If not retry in 20 min.), run queries, update other related files with the info received, and confirm all via email.

You arrive at work the next day and most of your work is done and waiting for you!” Enjoy your coffee!!

Excel VBA Consulting Service

Before we develop any Microsoft Excel business solution, we work hand in hand with every client to understand their individual goals and the challenges they are facing.

More often than not, clients have an existing Microsoft Excel application using macros/VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) or an Access database solution in place; however, these can often be a big problem when poorly coded. This results in errors and added work, which ultimately means wasted time AND money for you.

As expert consultants, we thoroughly analyze the system you have in place, assess the problems you are facing, and develop strategies that will produce the results you need.

We have consistently provided effective, quality solutions to clients of all sizes in a variety of industries, including business, government agencies and banking  institutions.

Don't hire full time...Let us build the solution that automates tedious processes and works for you 24/7.

Did You Know?

Did you know that a macro can drastically automate one or all these routines below:

  • Wake up and execute itself at a scheduled time.
  • Connect to MS Access, SQL, Oracle databases, and many more.
    1. Apply UserID and Password.
    2. Validate date/time requirements based on certain criteria before continuing.
      1. If not, retry in ‘xx’ minutes.
    3. Run a Query or SQL Statement.
    4. The results can then be transferred and formatted in Excel/Word/PDF.
    5. The Excel/Word/PDF can be sent directly to user/client or yourself as an attachment on an email.
  • Send status email to reflect completion codes and duration.
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Our Work is Trusted and Secure

Scotiabank - Ottawa Excel VBA Consulting Scotiabank: Automated Scotiabank’s ‘Lock Box’ application using Microsoft Office & VBA, which ensured quick and accurate check entry and fee charging, for more than 150 businesses and in the process saving 80K in the yearly production costs. It also provided daily volume statistics and employee performance tracking. The application/process is still active and has been running with minimal support for the past 18 years.


Symcor - Ottawa Excel VBA Consulting Symcor: Designed & created a complex tool customized for all 4 Canadian centers using VBA & Excel, to convert currencies as per daily rates, apply fee charges as per exceptions, and provide GL entries to corresponding branch transits.

CGI Inc. Ottawa Excel VBA Consulting


CGI Inc.: Automated 70+ Insurance Risk related reports for a major financial institution, to recur weekly/monthly with very little to no human intervention. These automations drastically reduced man power by 1.0 complement.


Health CanadaDesigned & created a complex Pesticide Label Summary for Health Canada, which immensely reduced the response time turnaround and insured data precision.

Some of Our Services

MS Excel:

  • Printable Editable Forms
  • Trackers
  • Databases
  • Planners
  • Schedulers
  • Pivot Tables
  • Dashboards
  • Calculators
  • VBA Macro
  • VBA Forms

MS Word:

  • Writing and formatting all kind of text
  • Inserting pictures, cliparts, charts
  • Excel tables
  • Formating text box
  • Inserting equations, symbols
  • Changing themes and styles, margins, columns
  • Envelopes and letters, sending mails with word and other

Google Spreadsheet:

  • Creating Templates
  • Forms
  • Dashboard
  • Connecting Spreadsheets
  • Reports

Google Forms:

  • Creating survey forms