About Ottawa Excel VBA Consulting

George Salama - Ottawa Excel VBA Solutions

My integrity and professionalism are based on 25 years of experience in report handling and automation within the banking, insurance, and retail sectors.

Main expertise is in Microsoft Excel, Functions, VBA, Macro Creation, Macro Debugging, including

  • I offer user friendly and precise Excel spreadsheet solutions, to meet and/or exceed your requirements.  
  • I enjoy a challenge and to present it on time, on budget, and to your satisfaction.
  • I am hardworking, quick, and accurate, with strong analytical and research skills.
  • I have worked with clients in many banking, insurance, and retail sectors, emphasizing data handling, procedure automation, information analysis and information management.

My goal is to find the best way possible, with the least redundancies and time consumption, to suit your spreadsheet needs!

1. Our most common requests are quick formula fixes, in which are usually fixed within an hour of the call. For these types of quickly solved requests we charge a one hour minimum.

2. Sifting through, manipulating, and preparing large amounts of data to meet your system’s criteria. These projects involve a couple of e-meetings with the client and delivered within the time quoted, which is usually 1 to 5 business days.

3. Full scale VBA applications such as Client Record Management, Inventory Control, Commissions Management etc., are designed and constructed specifically to your needs and to surpass your expectations. Depending of what is required, these types of projects are tested in development, and pre-production, and delivered in the time/$ quoted, usually within a month.

Other Areas We can Help You!

MS Excel:

  • Printable Editable Forms
  • Trackers
  • Databases
  • Planners
  • Schedulers
  • Pivot Tables
  • Dashboards
  • Calculators
  • VBA Macro
  • VBA Forms

MS Word:

  • Writing and formatting all kind of text
  • Inserting pictures, cliparts, charts
  • Excel tables
  • Formating text box
  • Inserting equations, symbols
  • Changing themes and styles, margins, columns
  • Envelopes and letters, sending mails with word and other

Google Spreadsheet:

  • Creating Templates
  • Forms
  • Dashboard
  • Connecting Spreadsheets
  • Reports

Google Forms:

  • Creating survey forms

Some of Our Projects

Scotiabank - Ottawa Excel VBA Consulting Scotiabank: Automated Scotiabank’s ‘Lock Box’ application using Microsoft Office & VBA, which ensured quick and accurate check entry and fee charging, for more than 150 businesses and in the process saving 80K in the yearly production costs. It also provided daily volume statistics and employee performance tracking. The application/process is still active and has been running with minimal support for the past 18 years.


Symcor - Ottawa Excel VBA Consulting Symcor: Designed & created a complex tool customized for all 4 Canadian centers using VBA & Excel, to convert currencies as per daily rates, apply fee charges as per exceptions, and provide GL entries to corresponding branch transits.

CGI Inc. Ottawa Excel VBA Consulting


CGI Inc.: Automated 70+ Insurance Risk related reports for a major financial institution, to recur weekly/monthly with very little to no human intervention. These automations drastically reduced man power by 1.0 complement.


Health CanadaDesigned & created a complex Pesticide Label Summary for Health Canada, which immensely reduced the response time turnaround and insured data precision.